Given traffic light on RAG by Individual shows no % Percentage figure?

Alan shared this question 2 years ago

Why doesn't the Given traffic light on the RAG by Individual view in User Stats show a % Percentage figure?

In Manage My Team, under User Stats, when you select the view for RAG by individual, the % value on the Given traffic lights is missing.

Is this a bug?

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It is not a bug, at least not one in the software.

One of the principal qualities of Inspirometer is the anonymity of responses. However, during the early stages of the adoption of Inspirometer, before people get used to providing feedback, you may have a situation where there is only one piece of feedback for a particular meeting.

If the meeting was a 1:1 it is fairly inevitable that there may be limited feedback, and fairly obvious that your feedback, although technically anonymous within the tool, is attributable by circumstance. Therefore, participants in a 1:1 will be aware that the other person will be able to deduce the source of their response, and can be appropriately circumspect.

But what about when you respond to a meeting of 50 people, even if yours is the only response, you would hope that it would remain anonymous. However, now imagine that you have 100% score on providing feedback - now it is possible (if that score was public knowledge) to deduce that it was you who responded.

To avoid this risk, we do not put % scores in the Given column on the User Stats (only on the users own dashboard).