Is feedback restricted to Smileys?

Alan shared this question 2 years ago

Is it possible to ask open questions with your meeting app or only possible to do ratings with the "smileys"?

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Inspirometer has a number of different levels of feedback:

  1. A simple face click to reflect the attendees perception of value-add (the no-excuse option)
  2. A free-comment space to enable the attendee to clarify or add explanation
  3. Selectable Tags which the attendee can click to add to the comment to highlight an aspect of the meeting process
  4. The ability to do any of the above for the meeting as a whole, or for individual agenda items

All of which are set up automatically when the invite is sent out from Outlook. Our goal has been about enabling simple effortless feedback which is used, and which automatically collates all of the meeting timespend across the organisation, analyses its effectiveness, and empowers individual meeting leaders with tailored resources to address the areas for improvement.