Is it possible to customise the meeting feedback to check on specific behaviours?

Alan shared this question 15 months ago

I came across Inspirometer to capture the meeting feedback. I noticed there are various topics in which feedback can be collected ( attendance, action point etc) . My query is can these topics and the specific question can be customised. I.e if I want to capture specific feedback on the behaviour of the participants in the meeting . Is it possible ?

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Hi, Thanks for getting in touch. You cancustomise feedback requests in a number of ways when you create the meeting.I’ve listed these below:

  • Overall meeting feedback request will always be available on the feedback page for the meeting
  • You can specify an Agenda in the meeting invite, and each agenda item will then be listed on the feedback page for participants to provide feedback / comments on.
  • If you have enabled participant feedback, you will be able to provide feedback / comments on each meeting participant on the feedback page.
  • If you enable the qualities feedback, then there will be 10 meeting qualities people can feedback on.

It sounds like you would want toenable participant feedback so people can feedback back on the attendees of themeeting. But you could also create specific agenda items you would like peopleto feedback on. You can find out more about creating a meeting with feedback atthis link:

Let me know if you need anythingelse.


Response from user: Thanksalan

My questionis specifically on participant feedback - can I customise the topic on whichParticipants can provide the feedback ( different from the 10 which are there )for example

- didparticipant get fair share of time to raise their points ?

- did theyfeel intimated by somebody during the meeting ?

- were theyruled over by senior in the meeting

- didanybody raise their voice during the meeting etc ?


Specifically,we do not allow customization of the meeting feedback, for a number of reasons.The questions you raise are all aspects of the ‘Attention’ aspect of meeting quality: and they form part of a much wider picture of participant experience andmeeting effectiveness:, if you wish to place specific focus on the items you used as examples,then I would suggest including the following italic text in the body of your meetinginvite:

Objective:Whatever the objective is


#1 Firstagenda item


#3 Thirdetc.


Duringthe feedback session, please rate your satisfaction with the following:

#9.1 did youget a fair share of the time to raise your points ?

#9.2 wereyou free from intimation by others during the meeting ?

#9.3 were youfree from being ruled over by seniors in the meeting

#9.4 did everybodyspeak calmly and considerately during the meeting etc ?

You will then find that you are able to feedbackon these items (and whatever else you choose to include) at the bottom of thesession page in the app.